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PowerPay & PowerView is comprised of two program options, PowerPay and PowerView.

What is PowerPay?

PowerPay allows you to prepay for your electricity before you use it. PowerPay provides an alternative to traditional monthly billing by allowing you to decide when you want to deposit funds into your account. The beauty of PowerPay is that you can “fill up” your electric account just like you fill up your gas tank in your car – 1 gallon at a time or with a full tank.

Pay As You Go

Your prepaid balance is adjusted based on your daily energy use. When your balance gets low, you add money as it fits your budget. Participants may pay as much or as often as they wish as long as the account retains a positive balance. At a negative balance, the power will automatically turn off. When a payment is made, power will be reconnected automatically.

How PowerPay Works

For as little as $70, you can open a PowerPay account.* New and existing members may participate in our program. A security deposit is not required for new members. Existing member’s deposits are applied as a credit when opening a PowerPay account. Once a PowerPay account has been activated, participants elect to be notified of low balances, daily balance, pending disconnect, disconnection and reconnection via phone, email and/or text messaging.

* Other charges may be applicable.

What is PowerView?

PowerView is an energy-awareness/monitoring service for members who wish to remain on traditional monthly billing but who want to take a more active role in monitoring electric use. 

What are the benefits of PowerView?

Statistics show that those who monitor or track their energy use on a regular basis, use less energy. By knowing how much energy is used every day, members are empowered to adjust their lifestyle resulting in energy savings of 10-15%.

PowerView…As easy as 1-2-3

By logging in to, members can monitor daily electricity use and have high usage alerts sent via email. PowerView users can sign up for the program and choose how and when to receive daily updates and alerts on their electric account in 3 easy steps:

  1. Have your Midstate Electric account number and meter number ready when you log into
  2. Click to setup an account and type in your email address and select a password.
  3. Click on Usage Monitor account and log on to the website to check you daily electricity use.  


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