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Green Power

Environmentally Preferred Power Rate Classification

The Environmentally Preferred Power rates listed below apply to all residential customers that wish to purchase renewable power. Cost is in addition to regular electric charges. The quantity may be purchased in 100 kWh blocks with a minimum purchase requirement of two blocks (200 kWh). Customers may choose to purchase Environmentally Preferred Power for their total kWh usage per month.


Rates per kWh
 200 kWh  $  5.00
 400 kWh  $10.00
 600 kWh  $15.00
 800 kWh  $20.00
 1000 kWh  $25.00
 1200 kWh  $30.00
 1400 kWh  $35.00


Commercial/Industrial Environmentaly Preferred Power purchases are in addition to actual metered electrical usage. A Power Sales Agreement is prepared by negotiating a kWh rate per estimated annual kWh usage. The agreement is signed by the Commercial/Industrial customer and Midstate Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Rules & Regulations

Service and rates under these classifications are subject to present and future rules and regulations of Midstate Electric Cooperative, Inc.


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