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Green Power

What is Green Power?

Green Power, or renewable energy is produced by resources that are replenished naturally and minimize harm to the environment.

Where does this power come from?

MEC has signed a contract to purchase a type of green power called Environmentally Preferred Power (EPP) from Bonneville Power Administration. EPP is generated from 100% wind energy that have a no impact on fish and wildlife and do not pollute.

The power is generated from wind farms primarily located along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, Washington. All EPP power has been endorsed by three leading Northwest environmental groups. (The National Resources Defense Council, Renewable Northwest Project, and the Northwest Energy Coalition)

How will I know that I am receiving Green Power?
We cannot guarantee that "green" electrons will reach your home or business, but we can guarantee that the amount you purchase will be delivered to the Northwest power grid.

How will this affect my electric bill?

How much extra you pay depends on the quantity of green power you sign up for. The cost is in addition to your regular electric charges. You can choose the quantity in 100 kWh blocks with a minimum purchase requirement of two blocks (200 kWh represents 15% of the average monthly residential usage). The cost for 200 kWh is $5.00 per month.

If you are a business member, contact us for how you can buy green power for your own business.


Our Green Power Business Members are:

  • Bonneville Power Administration

  • Midstate Electric Cooperative

  • JETW Co. Inc.

  • Sunriver Nature Center

  • Sunriver Owners Association Administration and Police Facility

  • Sunriver Brewing


Does this project make a difference?

Yes. By supporting green power, you are helping the planet by offsetting the need to generate more non-renewable electricity. You are embracing the opportunity to make a difference not for today, but for generations to come.

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