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Energy Efficiency Rebates

Commercial & Industrial Rebate Programs

Midstate Electric offers financial incentives and free energy analysis for new and existing buildings and/or equipment. Contact Marketing at 541-536-2126 Option 5 to find out how to make your business more energy efficient!

Lighting Rebate Program

Lighting represents one of the largest energy consumers in commercial and industrial buildings. A single facility has the potential to save over 50% on its lighting energy costs by incorporating new energy efficient lighting technologies.

Midstate Electric Cooperative offers a Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficient Lighting Rebate Program for all our business members to update their existing lighting systems. The program provides cash rebates for the installation of energy efficient lighting equipment.

Local facilities that have lowered their bottom line with our lighting rebates

Willows Antiques – Christmas Valley
Christmas Valley Ag & Auto
Gilchrist School
Interfor Pacific Lumber - Gilchrist
La Pine Elementary School
La Pine Middle School
La Pine Mini Mart
La Pine Outpost
La Pine Parks & Rec
Mt. Bachelor Lodge & Nordic Center
Russ Mattis Trucking
Sunriver Marketplace
Sunriver Resort
S&S Auto Parts
South Deschutes County
Three Rivers Elementary School

New Commercial Energy Efficiency Program


If you are planning a new building, Midstate Electric can help you make it more energy efficient. Rebates and design assistance are available from Midstate Electric to help lower the initial costs of energy efficient equipment and help lower your bottom line.
When to get started... as early as possible! The earlier Midstate can get involved, the easier it will be to implement energy efficient design and/or equipment. You are eligible if you are a Midstate Electric member and have not ordered any equipment. Design assistance is available through Bonneville Power Administration and Midstate Electric.

To get started...Call us at 541-536-2126 Option 5 or email us for program details or any questions you may have.

Existing Commercial Energy Efficiency Program

Call us before you replace any outdated equipment. We may be able to provide a rebate for upgrading your lighting, motors, HVAC system, insulation, etc. Midstate Electric can assist you in designing a new energy efficient system for your building.
To get started...Call us at 541-536-2126 Option 5 or email us for program details or any questions you may have.


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